Yellow Emotions from Collio

Collio is a wine region of Italy. I don’t think it’s a really well-known area but well, it should be ! Collio is located in the north east of Italy, not so far from Venise ! Romantic, isn’t it ?! Collio is all about whites (well you have also red wines, don’t worry…) ! You have an average of 350 wineries, 1500 hectares of DOC and we are so farrrr away from the classical italian wines style ! 

I mean, here it’s not the Mediterranean sea climate but a mountain climate from central Europe : we are close to the Julian Alps and the Adriatic Sea. So white wines are just in a perfect area. Also, the terroir is interesting : Ponca or “flysch” gives minerality and salinity. It’s quite rainy also in Collio (120ml/month average) but the soil allows a good drainage. 

Before begining the tasting, just a little booster about the 4 important types of white varieties : Ribolla Gialla, Friulano, Malvasia and Picolit. For sure you have other international type of vines like Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris or Riesling. There is also red varieties like Cabernet,  Pinot Noir and Merlot ! Lets now do this tasting of the different type of vines… Yellow Emotions… Look at the caps !

– Friulano DOC Collio : 

Humar 2014 / La Ginestra 2013 / Zorzon 2014

Light yellow clear color in the glass. It’s quite aromatic and interesting. You can feel some herb tea but also a gas side like Riesling… Maybe more flint. It’s structured and the mouth is nice. We have a good acidity : the mouth is watery. A lots of stone fruits are in it. It’s very unique. Complex with also salty caramel, dry watermelon and broom.  

– Ribolla Gialla DOC Collio : 

Tenuta Borgo Conventi 2014 / Castello di Spessa 2014 / Villa Russiz 2013

This type of vine gives greenish yellow color. The nose is close to apple, white fruits and there is a delicate floral note. But what is really impressive is this salty aromas. Even in mouth we have the impression of sand, iodized note and shell. Really beach oriented !! But the acidic mouth is globaly smooth and nice. 

– Malvasia Istriana DOC Collio : 

Bracco La Mont-Brach 2013 / Muzic 2013 / Livon Soluna 2013

The yellow color is bright. The nose is complex with stone fruit, mint, petrol notes. The second nose is powerful with acidity and a fizzy side (CO2 ?). It’s very aromatic with floral flavors… Especially jasmine ! Amazing note ! I also feel honeysuckle and broom. In mouth we have this floral side with also grilled almond, vanilla, coconut, pine resin and also balsamic flavors ! Very interesting ! Very nice… 

– Collio Bianco DOC Collio (BLENDS) : 

Bracco La Mont-Brach 2013 / Collavini Broy 2013 / Gradisciutta Bratinis 2013

These wines are all blendings of native grappe varieties with international varieties like Chardonnay and Sauvignon. It was quite interesting but even more to taste these 3 type of vines from the Collio area… I really advise to taste these wines ! Cheers

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