Here are the news about terroir and South West France heritage. I share with you my experiences, my discoveries, my crushes from Bordeaux to the end of the world.
A votre tour


You can find this article on the Official Tour Guide website. Domestic and international tourism have a significant impact on the French economy: home to

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La tour de Gruaud Larose

The two tours

Many people were surprised in the Médoc about this new construction. I must say that it denotes of the classical architecture in Bordeaux ! In Saint Emilion, the

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Vin de miel des Dieux
Other beverages

Honey Drink

The Mead is known to be one of the first fermented beverages ever drunk by men ! Mythology and imaginary surrounds it. This divine drink

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Blanc élevé sous la mer

Sea in Bottle

I’ve already wrote an article about the underwater aging and its positiv effect on the wine evolution : maybe you remember ? It was after

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