The two tours

Many people were surprised in the Médoc about this new construction. I must say that it denotes of the classical architecture in Bordeaux ! In Saint Emilion, the new modern architectures don’t really mix with the spirit of the city and Unesco said that there were not really happy about it ! But in the Medoc it’s different… The design is still rare but will become commonplace on the left bank.

La tour de Gruaud Larose

So have you seen this new tour ? This is a Grand Cru Classé which built it. My clients are a bit surprised when they see it. From a distance it’s a bit strange but when we visited it, it makes sense and customers are well satisfied ! The Second Grand Cru is located in Saint Julien and it’s the Château Gruaud Larose. Inaugurated in April 2015, this tower of 18 meters high is like a perch ! We can finally be like a bird and enjoy a breathtaking view. This project is an integral part of the œnotourism of the Château. At the bottom of the tower there is a glass and steel building overlooking a garden that welcomes visitors : wine bar, fountain spittoon, sofa, high table, store… All in white and red. It’s beautiful and so clean !

At the bottom left in the boutique, there is a lift and then another trip begins ! Focus on the second tower of the Château !

The two towers … No, we’re not in the Lord of the Rings but in the prestigious appellation of Saint Julien on the left bank of Bordeaux. Smaller appellation than Margaux and Pauillac but incredibly classified (it holds the highest number of classified growths compared to its area size). Château Gruaud Larose is owned by the family Merlaut since 1997. Jean Merlaut appealed to Lanoire  and Courrian architectural firm to build this new project.

This is the twin (almost) of the Abbot Gruaud tower. Listed as a historic monument since 2012, it’s made out of stone. Before, you could visit this tower. I remember that the view was also impressive but to climb these wooden stairs steep was really difficult ! I told myself that strong or elderly customers could not climb to the top. So now my wish comes true with this new turn.

La boutique de Gruaud Larose

The 300m2 surface is divided into two parts. The shop downstairs so as I said first. 250m2 semi buried with a green roof ! Beautiful in any season ! The tower 18 meters high is beautiful. Curious with its external steel casing that looks like a snake skin ! This is actually golden mirror polished stainless. At the top, a 50m2 terrace offers a breathtaking lansdcape. And it’s mind-blowing ! When we reach the top thanks to the elevator, the guide opens the tower’s top like the petals of flower. Mechanically, the steel pannels gets up and allows a 360° panorama. A double staircase also allows the access to the tower and the exit via the garden that is the roof to the shop.

Avant le jardin de Gruaud Larose

Vincent Lurton was in charge of the landscape : 3 ha with 135 varieties of plants.

Après le jardin de Gruaud Larose

Château Gruaud Larose offers an interesting œnotourism choice. There’s something for every taste and every budget ! One can even make surprising encounters ! So go ahead and come see this curiosity which is at 45min north of Bordeaux.

Teddy bear et son vin

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