Sweet Pink California

Grey, champagne, rosé, pink, orange yellow, purple, peony, cherry, raspberry, carmine, salmon pink, red, orange, claret, onion skin, soft corn, salmon, apricot, prune, reddish… Here are some words characterising the color of a particular type of wine… The Rosé wine. Summer tables friends, ideal with grillings, ‘gourmand’ with a pizza or salad, delicious with a strawberry soup… This is the wine synonymous of freshness and fruit. Major in front of a sunset and indispensable under a pergola… Brief the Rosé, it’s top ! 

Transplant a rose plant on a vine plant, you will get natural rosé wine” 


I have to confess, I’m not really a huge fan of rosé wines… It’s nice but even in summer with a grilling, I prefer to drink red wine… But well, I admit the seductive aspect of rosé wines. When it’s well-done, rosé wines can be delicious and have some nice surprises like subtle aromas and complexity. Then, today, I’m gonna talk about a rosé wine made in USA from the famous Gallo Family Vineyard. Well yes, when you drink this wine you are flung on a Californian beach, you have a little bit of salt on your lips, blond hair and you can hear a Beach Boys tune… But there is also an interesting fruity component and a huge stupefaction : it’s a sweet rosé wine ! 

Gallo Family Winery is a monster : more than 500 medals in international contests, a wide range of wines for everybody and especially a 80 years birthday this year. The two brothers, Ernest et Julio Gallo, have created the firm in 1933 in Modesto in California with a goal :to keep a powerful and sustainable vineyard with affordable wines gustatively and pricely. Challenge accepted and realized : Gallo Vineyard is the biggest family wine estate of the world ! In more than 90 countries, it’s the first exporter of Californian wines. It represents (in 1990′) 25% of the wine American market. 

Besides its will to offer quality wines, the winery wants, like a lot of American firms, to show its good behavior. The proof on the website with : ‘diversity’ (hiring people from every where), ‘environment’ (ISO 1400s1) and ‘community’ (participating to charitable foundations…). 

– Grenache Rosé, Familly Gallo Vineyards, 2011 (100% Grenache). 

Nice salmon pink color, limpid and intense. The nose is nice, fresh and fruity with orange and strawberry notes. The mouth is quite big and the sugar surprised me… What ? A sweet rosé ? But what’s that ?? Hum nobody tells me ! Yes, but it’s interesting and it’s enhancing the watermelon and strawberry flavors. There is stuff, it’s not a watery rosé, the finish is quite long but the sugar gives consistency. Nice, sweet, fruity and fresh… Perfect with a pizza or a Caesar salad if you like salty-sweet… Interesting with a strawberry soup or fresh fruits… You have to taste it for a tagada summer ! 

You have to count 5 euros for a bottle

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